Please join us for our first-ever 

Women's Young Life 

"Not-Quite—A-Weekend" retreat!

An Invitation to "Different ": Simplicity-Intimacy-Significance

We invite you to set aside a morning—either for yourself or with a group of friends—for our EXTRAordinary 2020 WYL “Not-Quite—A-Weekend“ retreat, An Invitation to "Different": Simplicity-Intimacy-Significance. Any and all women are invited into a unique kind of retreat experience—i.e. instead of going to Trail West for the retreat, this year we are bringing it to you! O

You will have instant access to ALL of our retreat material, including our "Main Event" full of humor, music and a challenging message from our friends Sharon and Stha with Young Life in Zimbabwe! Plus, you will gain access to all of our bonus material that includes more soul stations, music, bloopers, and more!

Have questions or want more information? Contact Shelley Q. Sadler ( / 303-472-8142) or Bridget Trenda ( / 720-935-8137).

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Interested in hosting a group of women in your home (e.g. 5 or more)? Click the box below and Shelley or Bridget will contact you with options!

Schedule Options

There are many ways you can enjoy this retreat! Some of us are in need of solitude, others would like to experience the retreat with a small or large group of friends, and still others might be interested in opening your home so that multiple women could enjoy (i.e. depending on your state's COVID guidelines).

Regardless of how you experience our retreat we are confident the Lord will meet you in a special way...all we need to know is how we can best serve you (how many boxes you might need and where we should send them)!

We ask you to carve out 2-4 hours to fully experience all that this retreat has to offer. Below is a suggested schedule you can follow.

Suggested Retreat Day Schedule

10:00 amRetreat Begins!

Grab some snacks, get comfortable, and prepare to enjoy a retreat filled with humor, engagement, challenge, and worship.
*Streamed event. You will need online access.

11:00 am"Soul Station(s)"

A space set aside for silence, solitude and directed retreat. Instructions and/or supplies provided.

12:00 pmLunch

Enjoy a lunch break on your own or with friends!

1:00 pm - 2:00 pmBONUS CONTENT**

Many of you will choose to enjoy the retreat for a little bit longer. We have a few things to keep you engaged!

For Example:
~ Another Soul Station (or two!)

~ More Music (e.g., worship from our worship team, dance party?)

~ Exercise: Move your Body with "Faith Flow" Yoga or Aerobics!

~ Bloopers!

Retreat Pricing

Retreat Pricing Options (each price is per person) Please choose one *

  • $50 - SOLD OUT!

    $50 - SOLD OUT!

    $0.00 ea.

  • $25 - Connection Access Only

    $25 - Connection Access Only

    *Covers the cost of materials and production.

    $25.00 ea.


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